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Crisis Relief Donation Options

Our hearts are with those in the disaster areas and concerned family and friends across the nation. As the crisis and philanthropic response options change, we will update this page with new options to support those in need. Donors with questions about grantmaking are encouraged to contact their fund manager at 303.300.1790.

For suggestions on how to help areas affected by the fires in California, please click here.
For suggestions on how to help areas recently hit by hurricanes, please click here.

The Denver Immigrant Legal Services Fund

The Denver Immigrant Legal Services Fund is a special project fund at The Denver Foundation. The purpose of the Fund is to provide grants to qualified nonprofit organizations so that they can offer direct legal representation to immigrants. Grants will also support organizations working to increase the pool of attorneys available to represent immigrants.

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    Statement of Solidarity with Refugees and Immigrants

Metro Denver is home to people from around the world, including many who have fled the devastating effects of war, violence, poverty, and oppression, both distant and recent. They come here seeking new opportunities, freedom from fear, and a chance to participate in the dream of America. Our refugee and immigrant neighbors contribute mightily to the cultural, economic, educational, and spiritual tapestry of the community we share.

For many years, The Denver Foundation and donors, partners, and local communities have helped new Americans transition to a new culture, open businesses and nonprofits, build homes, acquire new trades and professional skills, and obtain scholarships to pursue higher education. We’ve seen the impact and transformation that’s possible when newcomers to our country are embraced as individuals with the inspiration and determination to build new lives and contribute to our shared community.

At The Denver Foundation, we are committed to building a better future for everyone, including the most vulnerable among us. To refugees and immigrants who call Metro Denver home, we stand beside you.

We also extend our gratitude to those who are providing support to refugees and immigrants, through donations, services and guidance, and friendship. To learn more about recent events and resources available for communities most impacted, please visit Denver Public Library