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Give to the Critical Needs Fund

In response to COVID-19, The Denver Foundation activated the Critical Needs Fund, which allows us to rapidly deploy resources to serve those most at risk of serious disruption. We are tapping into our very deep roots in the community to identify high-impact organizations that serve the most vulnerable, with a focus on critical issues including housing insecurity and lack of access to food and health care services.

As of Wednesday, March 25, The Denver Foundation has granted $480,000 in COVID-19 relief grants to organizations that work on the ground with vulnerable people across Colorado. Click here to see a list of grantees. These grants from the Critical Needs Fund focused on nonprofit organizations engaged in collaborative COVID-19 work, with an emphasis on organizations that may not have access to federal relief funding.

Gifts to the Critical Needs Fund will provide essential support across Metro Denver. Please contact our Philanthropic Services staff with any questions about how you can help support relief efforts. For more information, please visit our COVID-19 resource page, which will be regularly updated.

The Denver Foundation’s Critical Needs Fund was created through multiple gifts from generous donors. The Fund supports organizations that align with our mission, values, and objectives but are not typically supported through The Denver Foundation’s core grantmaking.

The Denver Foundation is always interested in good work happening in the community and welcomes information from organizations about their efforts. However, the Critical Needs Fund does not accept unsolicited grant proposals.

Collective Impact

The Denver Foundation has joined Governor Jared Polis and the statewide philanthropic community in supporting the Colorado COVID Relief Fund. The Denver Foundation has pledged $100,000 from its discretionary funds to this initiative and Denver Foundation fundholders have granted an additional $340,000. The Governor's goal is to raise $10 million in donations for the fund by next week. Nonprofits are now able to apply to the Colorado COVID Relief Fund.

The goal of the Colorado COVID Relief Fund is to raise and distribute funds to support unmet needs of the communities and agencies impacted by COVID-19 in response and recovery. The fund will focus on prevention, impact, and recovery. Denver Foundation President and CEO Javier Alberto Soto serves as a member of the Governor's Leadership Committee on COVID Relief, which will help ensure resources generated through the Fund are used to most effectively help those in need.

Please join us in supporting this critical initiative. To make a contribution, visit this link.

Supporting Grantees

 As a partner and friend to hundreds of nonprofits across Metro Denver and Colorado, we know organizations of every size have already been deeply impacted by COVID-19. We will be open, flexible, and available in this period of uncertainty and stress. We will share resources for technical assistance and other capacity-building resources for both the short- and long-term.

Many smaller nonprofits do not have adequate infrastructure to work and deliver services remotely. Other nonprofits are canceling fundraisers and experiencing the cancelation of contract services. We encourage donors and donor-advised fundholders to consider providing general operating support. 

Working Through Change

The Denver Foundation is adapting to rapidly changing circumstances. While our physical office is closed, the Foundation remains open for business. Working remotely we've opened a new scholarship fund, processed grant checks, and our staff is adapting quickly to new tools and approaches to achieve our mission.

We will conduct all business, including site visits for grant applicants, by phone or video conference. All community input sessions related to our new Strategic Framework have been postponed but our online survey remains open. We will inform our donors, grantees, and community partners if we expect any business functions to be limited, delayed, or temporarily unavailable.

Please reach out to us with any questions. A complete staff list is available here.

Staying Connected

Connection is at the heart of everything we do at The Denver Foundation. In fact, it’s the driving force of our entire community—filled with caring, hard-working, generous people of every walk of life. For people in Metro Denver, the concept of “distancing” is contrary to our nature. While we will be physically distant during this time, we will remain closely connected. Please continue to visit our website and blog, Floodlight, for updates, and engage with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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“When you are successful there is a temptation to believe you did it all yourself, when in reality thousands of people touch our lives along the way. I believe we all have the power—and the responsibility—to create these moments for young people, to help them shoot for the moon.”

– Reggie Rivers, Donor

"Although I was deeply involved in the community while I owned my business, I wanted to create a legacy when I sold it in 2004. A donor-advised fund was the best thing to meet my needs—the expertise, the investment success, and the support system—The Denver Foundation does all of the work and I get to experience the joy of philanthropy."

– Barbara Grogan, Donor