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Minoru Yasui Community Volunteer Award

Do You Know an Outstanding Volunteer? Volunteers are the heart of our community and are a precious resource to nonprofit organizations. The vital work of volunteers throughout the Denver metropolitan community is recognized through the Minoru Yasui Community Volunteer Award.

Our MYCVA Values: Vision - Integrity - Passion - Courage - Perseverance - Advocacy - Inclusion - Compassion

Watch a video (7:33) below about the Minoru Yasui award and the people who help keep the spirit of volunteerism alive in metro Denver.

Minoru Yasui Tribute

Minoru Yasui was most well-known for his courageous stand against military orders that resulted in the forced removal and imprisonment of over 110,000 persons of Japanese ancestry during World War II, but his entire life was committed to the defense of human and civil rights, and justice for all.
Minoru Yasui tribute website

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Application Form

Download the Minoru Yasui Community Volunteer Award Nomination Form [PDF]

Online Application

Follow this link to the online Minoru Yasui Community Volunteer Award Nomination Form.

In the News

About the Award
The award, presented eight times a year, honors men and women who make unique contributions to the community. The recipient receives a $2,000 cash award to designate to a non-profit agency of their choice.

Mr. Yasui was a community leader dedicated to improving the quality of life for all people. Educated as an attorney, Minoru Yasui served as the Executive Director of the Denver Commission on Community Relations for 16 years and was a champion of civil rights. Mr. Yasui died in 1986.

Any person of any age who lives in the seven county Metro Denver area is eligible. Nomination forms are reviewed by a select committee of Denver metropolitan area citizens who represent a cross section of backgrounds, interests and occupations. Nominations are accepted on an ongoing basis. To nominate a volunteer send a completed nomination form, required nominating & seconding letters, and 501(c)(3) IRS Documentation to:

Minoru Yasui Community Volunteer Award
c/o The Denver Foundation
55 Madison Street, 8th Floor
Denver, Colorado 80206-5423

The Denver Foundation provides financial and administrative support of this program.

Other sponsors include the City and County of Denver, Cody Dental Group, Denver Marriott Tech Center, Havey Productions, KEZW-AM 1430, MYCVA Committee Members, Signal Graphics Printing at Hampden & Monaco and The Yasui Family.

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2018 Award Recipients

Sam Bartlett               Becky Demcovitz                Gail Fritzinger                Dr. Charles Jenkins    
Giselle Rushford                Tom Sanders           Kelli Schandel           Ellen Staton
Donna Taylor    


2017 Award Recipients

  • Steve Cady
  • Carmen Cohen
  • Christen Holmlund
  • Eric Lee
  • Judge Gale Miller
  • Derek Scarth
  • Susan Stern
  • Jeanne Tapp
  • Judy Tersteeg
  • Jaclyn Yelich

2016 Award Recipients

  • September: Ann Logan
  • August: Tom Keyse
  • July: Joyce Meyers
  • February: Jessie W. Tramutolo
  • January: Jason Weston

2015 Award Recipients

  • January: Frank Doerger
  • March: Sheila Benintendi
  • April: Deana Lehman
  • May: Vikki Stevens
  • June: Dick Wisott
  • August: Janis Mourer
  • September: Gary VanderArk
  • October: Abelardo "Abe" Herrera

2014 Award Recipients

  • January: Reverend Diana Flahive
  • February: Tanja Butler-Melone
  • March: Meg Depriest
  • April: Dr. Libby Whitmore
  • May: Ana Kemp
  • June: Sharon Rouse
  • July: Ginger Case
  • August: Deb Wells
  • September: Billy Brown
  • October: Barry Levene
  • November: Vic Sulzer

2013 Award Recipients

  • January: Tammy Rivera Berberick
  • February: Kermit Shields
  • March: Mike Criner
  • April: Gloria Koshio
  • May: Gerie Grimes
  • June: Mary Rogers
  • July: Barbara Miller
  • August: Jay Jones
  • September: Ruben Duran
  • October: Donn Spector
  • November: Brad and Tom Iskiyan

2012 Award Recipients

  • January: Dewey Brigham, Jr.
  • February: Chief Phil Baca and Captain Sylvia Sich
  • March: Dr. Frank Sakamoto
  • April: Dr. Sara Winter
  • May: Al Lackner
  • June: Nancy Balter
  • July: Cheryl Aggus
  • August: Carol Stiehr
  • September: Chris Beauchamp
  • October: Evan Holz
  • November: Jeremy Palmer

2011 Award Recipients

  • January: Samantha Grebe
  • February: Scott Masao Gilmore
  • March: Mickey Taylor
  • April: Lee Braddock
  • May: Mark Hopkins
  • June: Frances Campbell
  • July: Liz Cohen
  • August: Gary Steck
  • September: Liesje Johnson
  • October: Greg Blanchard
  • November: Debra Conroy