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Housing & Homelessness

The Denver Foundation holds a vision for the Metro Denver community - one where all residents have the opportunity for a high quality of life. Our focus on Basic Human Needs includes ensuring safe and stable shelter for individuals and families within our community. The plight of the more than 11,000 homeless men, women, and children living in the Metro Denver area makes housing and homelessness a priority for the Foundation.

The Denver Foundation believes homelessness should be a temporary state, rather than a chronic condition. Each person experiencing homelessness is a unique individual with unique circumstances that led to the state of being homeless. The myriad of solutions that will end homelessness include a combination of affordable housing, ongoing emergency shelter, services that link people to resources needed to stabilize their current situation. Due to the complexity of this issue, collaborative efforts to maximize and coordinate the unique assets of all of those providing valuable services to end homelessness are necessary. The Metro Denver Homeless Initiative ensures that appropriate housing and services are available within Metro Denver.

In September 2005, Denver's Road Home, a 10-year program to end homelessness within the City of Denver was launched. The Denver Foundation has supported the collaborative work of this initiative since its inception.

The Foundation is also a member organization of the Housing and Homelessness Funders Collaborative. The Collaborative is comprised of seven organizations that have pooled funds to make grants to support systemic reform efforts that will lead to resources and community support for affordable housing and effective services for people who are homeless or low-income.

Donors can help by giving directly to organizations that address issues of homelessness and housing through their donor-advised funds or by leaving a legacy gift so that the Foundation can steward the funds in perpetuity after their lifetime.

The Denver Foundation is funding and coordinating efforts to build permanent supportive housing for homeless women. To learn more about this work, please visit the page Critical Needs – Homelessness.

For more information about how to make an impact in the area of housing and homelessness, call the Philanthropic Services Group at 303-300-1790.