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In 2018, Community Grants in the objective area of Leadership & Equity will build a diverse pool of leaders to increase racial equity.


  • Support the development of leadership skills among community members and constituents to address community-identified issues.
  • Support and strengthen efforts of organizations/institutions to become more community-centered and inclusive in their leadership from the inside out.
  • Strengthen efforts to increase racial equity in all sectors, including philanthropy.
  • Support community leaders’ collaborative efforts to mobilize and act on critical needs and emerging issues which may include Basic Human Needs, Education, and Economic Opportunity.
  • Support organizing, advocacy, and policy reform work relating to these goals.

The Power of Five
On Friday, October 24, 2016, The Denver Foundation celebrated “The Power of Five”–a continuum of five programs designed to make the pool of nonprofit leaders in Denver bigger, more diverse, more skilled, and more connected—built on the belief that community change is especially powerful when the people most impacted by issues lead in identifying and implementing solutions. Read more

Click here for The Power of Five booklet that was distributed at the event.

In the focus area of Leadership & Equity, resident-led initiatives are given priority.

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"Building leaders in the community is the key to making the change that we all need.”

- Community Leadership Partner

The Denver Foundation’s Leadership & Equity partners are strengthening Metro Denver by supporting new leaders and connecting leaders across communities. Over the past two years, this work has created more space for diverse leadership that reflects our complex, multi-racial community, as well as opportunities for dedicated community members to work together and learn from one another.

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