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Submitting Grant Reports

If you have received a grant through the Community Grants Program, you are required to submit a Final Report on the work you did with the grant funds This report is due at the end of your grant period and is required before your organization can be considered for subsequent grants from the Community Grants Program.

Grantees will be expected to submit a final report a year after receiving a Community Grant and may be invited to:

  • Participate in learning projects such as collaborative grantee learning groups
  • Provide stories of your project’s work, and help The Denver Foundation communicate the stories to wider audiences

The grant contract that you received contains information on the reporting requirements, including the due dates. This can be found in the grant contract under Section III, Grant Reports, and Section IV, Grant Specifications.

Please use the Common Grant Report form to prepare your grant report. This form was recently updated by a collaborative group of nonprofit organizations and funders. Many Colorado foundations, including The Denver Foundation, accept this report form.

Note that some Community Grants grantees may have specialized reporting requirements outlined in grant contracts or agreements with staff, such as grant rationale items that require a response. Please check your contract carefully before submitting a report, and contact your program officer with any questions.

More questions? Contact Bill Inama, Grants Manager, at 720-974-2600.