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Basic Human Needs

In 2017, Community Grants in Basic Human Needs will focus on improving the lives of those experiencing hunger, homelessness, domestic violence, and lack of access to basic medical care.
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Leadership & Equity

In 2017, Community Grants in the objective area of Leadership & Equity will build a diverse pool of leaders to increase racial equity.
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Economic Opportunity

In 2017, Community Grants in Economic Opportunity will focus on improving the economic health of people and communities facing the biggest barriers to economic equity.
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In 2017, Community Grants in Education will focus on increasing school readiness for young children and student engagement and academic achievement for K-12 students. Grants in Education prioritize schools or communities with a minimum 50% of students receiving Free or Reduced Lunch or an equivalent measure of financial need.
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The Arts

The Denver Foundation has a proud history of supporting the arts. Arts organizations that fit the strategies and priorities outlined in these guidelines are encouraged to apply in their respective funding areas.
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Technical Assistance Grants

In 2017, The Denver Foundation will focus technical assistance grants on expanding the capacity of our grantees. If you received a grant in 2014, 2015, 2016  or receive a grant in 2017, you are eligible to apply for a technical assistance grant. Information about how to apply for technical assistance (TA) is included in grant award packets.
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We fund 501(c)(3) organizations and collaborative efforts among 501(c)(3) organizations and other groups in the seven-county Metro Denver.

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Rising Above: Keeping Kids in School and Learning

Research shows that a student who is suspended is far more likely to repeat a grade and even to drop out. In fact, high rates of suspension lower academic achievement and increase behavioral problems for the entire school.

Aurora Strong Resilience Center

In the wake of the Aurora theater shootings, community members, elected officials, and mental health professionals came together to create a dedicated space for wellness and support, both for those who’d been in the theater and others in the community in need of healing.