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Technical Assistance Grants

Technical Assistance (TA) funding from The Denver Foundation is focused on helping current grantees. When you receive a grant from the Community Grant Program, you are eligible for TA.

All nonprofit organizations need help from time to time in order to function more effectively and efficiently. This is especially true of new or emerging nonprofit organizations or those with smaller budgets.

The Denver Foundation has set aside funds specifically to provide grants for nonprofit organizations that are current grantees to get this kind of help, usually called "technical assistance." Technical Assistance (TA) can be many things, and what is most important is that TA helps the staff and/or board of the organization learn something new and increase its capacity to lead, manage and direct the organization.

TA grants are available to organizations that meet the following basic criteria:

  • An organization has received a grant in one of our four objective areas--Basic Human Needs, Economic Opportunity, Education, or Community Leadership.
  • For organizations with operating revenues over $500,000 (based on most recently completed fiscal year) 10% to 20% of the proposed project budget must be financially supported by the organization requesting funds.

An organization that has previously received a TA grant may apply for additional support in subsequent years. However, successful recurring requests should demonstrate learning and impact of previous TA strategies.

General Guidelines - The Basics:

  • No deadline dates – TA requests are considered on an ongoing basis
  • Grants range from $100 to a maximum of $4,000
  • Up to $1,000 is available for organizational assessments
  • Up to $3,000 is available for the proposed activity or activities

Example 1: You know your organization could benefit from growth in several areas, and you are not sure where to start. In this instance you may apply for an assessment grant for up to $1,000. Assessments help to define the top priority areas for organizational strengthening, and the TA activities likely to be most helpful. Assessments can also create a sense of buy-in from the staff, board, and volunteers through interviews, document reviews and analysis of previous strategies.

Example 2: You may know your organization’s priority area for growth of support and an assessment is not needed to better define and/or direct the growth activities. In this instance you may apply for the $3,000 technical assistance grant without an assessment.

Example 3: You have a general sense that your organization needs help in a specific area and you would like an assessment of $1,000 to fully understand the issue and an award of $3,000 to implement the proposed activities.

In each of the above examples, a successful request will have demonstrated a set focus, a set scope of work, and set fit for the organization and potential consultant. It answers the question, “What can we really accomplish?”

Quick turn-around – a decision will be made on your request approximately six weeks from the date that the request letter is received at the Foundation

  • TA grants will not be made for activities that have already occurred at the time the grant would be awarded, so plan ahead!

Submitting Technical Assistance Grant Reports

We have transitioned to an online reporting tool designed to enhance the collective knowledge of the nonprofit sector. You should have received this link with your contract. For more information send an email.