mission and vision


The mission of the Reisher Scholars Program is to provide post-secondary educational opportunities for Colorado students through scholarship grants to schools in Colorado. The ultimate objective is to enable promising students from Colorado, who do not have sufficient financial resources, to graduate from college in a timely manner with minimal additional educational debt.

The Reisher Scholars Program is one of Colorado's premier need- and merit-based scholarship programs. Every year, hundreds of Reisher Scholars earn a college education and graduate in a timely manner with minimal additional educational debt. Being a Reisher Scholar is a lifelong honor. Reisher Scholars have close bonds that they develop during college and maintain after graduation.

I am deeply moved that there is an organization that is so committed to the professional advancement of students in their careers. You have invested in the lives that fill and define the roles within business, politics, and family. That reach and that blessing is far greater than any other form of financial investment."

— J.A. UCD