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A need-and-merit-based scholarship to complete your degree.

The Reisher Scholars Program provides comprehensive unmet need scholarships to students nominated through one of six partner institutions:  Colorado Mesa University, Colorado State University, Metropolitan State University of Denver, University of Colorado Denver, University of Colorado - Colorado Springs, and University of Northern Colorado.

Students either enter the program as rising sophomores currently attending one of the partner institutions or as transfer students from a community college entering the partner institution as juniors.

The Reisher Scholars Program supports students who have already demonstrated academic and leadership potential as undergraduates and who demonstrate one or more of the following personal qualities: highly motivated, goal-oriented, responsible, and/or likely to make a contribution to society as evidenced by community service, leadership activities, work experience, or unusual experiences.

How it all Works

Participating partner institutions select and nominate scholars to be a part of each cohort. The Denver Foundation works closely with each partner to ensure that scholars meet the selection criteria and that partner schools adhere to programmatic guidelines. Most questions about the program can be answered by the university Coordinators. For additional information, click here.

To Apply

  1. Reach out to the Reisher Coordinator at one of the six participating universities. Application processes vary by institution, so please reach out to the university directly for specific information on how to apply.
  2. Check the eligibility criteria. For specific information on the eligibility criteria and to check if you might be eligible to apply, click here.
  3. Consider the timeline. Universities typically open their applications in the late Fall and Reisher Scholarship applications are due between January and April. Again, deadlines vary based on whether you are a sophomore applicant or a transfer applicant and which university you plan to attend.
  4. Apply for the scholarship. Each university requires that you fill out their general scholarship application as well as a specific Reisher Scholarship Application. This application often requires financial information as well as an essay.  The program is competitive and a committee of university staff and students review applications to determine who will move on to the interview process as finalists. Finalists will be contacted by the school, so please wait to hear as to whether you received an interview.
  5. Prepare for your interview. Finalist interviews are typically conducted in the Spring. Students will be notified whether they are nominated as a Reisher Scholar in late Spring/Summer. Again, reach out the Reisher Coordinator at your school after your interview if you have questions!
  6. Get ready for the school year. As a Reisher Scholarship Recipient, you are required to be enrolled full-time (12 credits or more), maintain a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher, work at least 10 hours a week and participate in cohort events. For a complete list of requirements, please visit the following page.