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Ellen and Manny Marritt

Giving Now, Giving Forever

Ellen and Manny Marritt both come from families who immigrated to the United States in the last two generations. They actually grew up about twenty-five miles from each other in New York and New Jersey. Their accidental meeting didn’t occur there, but in California many years later. After marrying, they moved to Colorado where Manny completed his medical residency at the University of Colorado.

Though Ellen’s parents never went to college, her teachers encouraged her to continue her education. She received financial support from the local Sons of Italy and other merit-based scholarship programs. The couple regularly supports a scholarship fund that helps low-income students in Colorado pursue their dreams of higher education. Ellen said, “I want to help other deserving students have the kind of opportunity I had.”

Both Ellen and Manny grew up watching their parents give back to their communities. Ellen helped her mother on clothing drives and with other charitable activities through their church. Manny carried heavy medical equipment up several flights of stairs in his Brooklyn neighborhood so that his father, also a physician, could provide medical care to the poor. His father spent many years working in rural upstate New York during World War II, where his patients often paid with home-baked bread or a jar of pickles.

Manny continues to contribute both time and money to health care issues. He does medical research now that he is retired and wants to help make quality health care available to those in need. Ellen and Manny also feel very strongly about animals and are longtime supporters of many animal rescue organizations.

“We very much follow the belief of helping local people first, then others in our nation, and then people in other countries,” said Ellen. That is one of the reasons they decided to join The Denver Foundation’s Community Legacy Society. They appreciate the advice given in the book, Die Broke, by Stephen Pollan. The book counsels readers to give to others during their lifetime, as well as in their wills. “We were impressed by The Denver Foundation’s longevity, its fine reputation, and that it serves people right here where we live.” The Denver Foundation is glad to welcome Manny and Ellen to our family.

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