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The Bayless Family

A Charitable Spirit Spanning the States

Bernie and Bob Bayless created a culture of philanthropy for their adult children, Cynthia Roberts, Betsy McCord, and Tucker Bayless of Farmington, New Mexico, and Rob Bayless of Denver.

“Our parents were always very involved in our hometown, Farmington, New Mexico,” recounts Cynthia (Bayless) Roberts. “They gave throughout the community, supporting organizations like the Boys and Girls Club, our public school district, and the library.”

Rob adds, “I remember putting together the orange milk cartons to collect for Trick or Treat for UNICEF when we were really little. Farmington was a big baseball town. My dad gave pipe and tubing from the oil fields to help build fences for about 20 baseball parks in the community. As young adults, we could see these tangible gifts all over the region.”

Mr. and Mrs. Bayless helped fund the the cancer treatment center at the San Juan Regional Medical Center. Prior to the Center’s Creation, cancer patients had to travel to Albuquerque or Denver for treatment. Mr. Bayless became a patient at the center when he was diagnosed with cancer ten years later. The family’s support for that center continues.

Education is another important cause to the Bayless family. Mrs. Bayless was one of the original funders of Project Read, which has provided dictionaries to thousands of students in Farmington. Several family members still support that effort, while also funding new organizations. For example, Rob supports Teach for America because he believes it is a great benefit to Denver schools.

Since Mrs. Bayless and Rob first created the fund in 2001, the Bayless siblings have made grant decisions both independently and collaboratively. After the earthquake in Haiti this year, they all decided to give to Doctors Without Borders.

Cindy sums it up, “The Denver Foundation has made it very easy for us to make a difference in people’s lives.” All told, Cindy and her siblings have nine children of their own. We can rest assured the next generation of the Bayless family will continue to cultivate the seeds of philanthropy that their grandparents planted.

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