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The Diana Price Fish Fund

Former nonprofit organization finds new life as a "field of interest fund” at The Denver Foundation

During her lifetime, Diana Price Fish was a caring friend and a vibrant community leader. Even after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she stayed connected to her community and her friends, often commenting on the joy she received from everyday activities such as holidays, work, pets, and music. Diana died in 1986, and in 1989 her friends created the Diana Price Fish Cancer Foundation to honor her memory and to help others dealing with cancer.

For 20 years, the Diana Price Fish Cancer Foundation provided adults dealing with the cancer the chance to enjoy social, cultural, and recreational activities throughout Colorado. Participants joined in a variety of activities and programs, free of cost, that allowed them to take a break from cancer and focus on friends and fun. Over the years, this unique organization helped hundreds of Coloradans in their time of need.

In November 2008, the organization’s board decided it was time to sunset the program and distribute the remaining assets to continue helping others. After considering several options, the board decided to create a “field of interest fund” at The Denver Foundation. The fund, opened this summer, will distribute grants through The Denver Foundation’s Community Grants Program. The fund’s purpose is to provide nonmedical services to people with cancer and their families, with a preference given to those providing recreational therapy.

“Making grants from this fund allows us to honor a generous and courageous community leader, and to help people enjoy life as they face cancer,” noted Jeff Hirota, Vice President of Programs. “We are honored to have been chosen to steward this fund and its mission.” The Foundation will make grants from the Diana Price Fish Fund through its regular grantmaking sessions.

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