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The Pasternack Family

Karen and Fred Pasternack began their life together in 1996. Karen, a nurse, and Fred, a businessman, had strong faith traditions and enjoyed successful careers. They devoted their lives to each other and to those in need. Their home is filled with love and the souvenirs of international travels; their hearts filled with philanthropy: the love of mankind. 

The Pasternacks began working with The Denver Foundation in 2009 when they established their donor-advised fund, The Fred and Karen Pasternack Foundation Fund. This continued a long tradition of charitable giving encompassing their faith activities, their favorite charities of long standing, and emergency support activities. From healthcare to homelessness to emergency services, the Pasternacks gave early and often to help others in need. 

“Whenever a natural or manmade disaster occurred, the Pasternacks were among the first fund advisors to inquire about ways to help those affected,” notes Barbara Berv, Vice President of Philanthropic Services at The Denver Foundation.

Although connected to long-time favorite organizations such as Jewish Family Services and the Denver Rescue Mission, Fred and Karen also have been creative and adventurous in their philanthropy. Fred once donated a building he owned in Lower Downtown Denver to El Centro Humanitario Para Los Trabajadores, a day laborer center promoting work, dignity, and community. Early this summer, he supported The Denver Foundation’s participation in the Social Impact Bond (SIB) for permanent supportive housing for people experiencing homelessness. 

In July, Fred Pasternack died following a brief illness. His passing is a loss to his family and to the community. In tribute, Karen wrote:

My knight, who championed the cause for the less fortunate, will be in my heart and in the hearts of all he helped in Colorado and around the world. Carpe Diem!

Karen is continuing the work she and her husband started by furthering her charitable gifts and helping others. She plans an estate gift to the fund, which will then continue on after her lifetime. The Foundation is honored to serve as her philanthropic partner to support and facilitate the work so important to both Karen and Fred.