Building Community

Community Leadership Awards

Each year, The Denver Foundation presents its Community Leadership Awards.  These awards were created in the names of Swanee Hunt and the Parr/Widener Family.

The Swanee Hunt Awards

Created by Ambassador Swanee Hunt, chair of Hunt Alternatives Fund and the Eleanor Roosevelt Lecturer of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, The Swanee Hunt Individual and Youth Leadership Awards recognize outstanding Metro Denver leaders.  Swanee Hunt created these awards to honor women and men who spend their lives making life better for others, and young people who have showed the promise of leadership.  The awards are given by a selection committee of community leaders including several former employees and trustees of the Hunt Alternatives Fund.

2014 Swanee Hunt Individual Leadership Award:
Pam and Ricardo Martinez, Padres Unidos

2014 Swanee Hunt Emerging Leader Award:
Brittany Pyle

The John Parr and Sandy Widener Civic Leadership Award

John Parr and Sandy Widener were outstanding leaders in the Metro Denver community.  They and their oldest daughter, Chase, were killed tragically in a car accident in 2007.  Their family and friends created the John Parr and Sandy Widener Civic Leadership Award to recognize people exemplifying John and Sandy’s commitment to and passion for improving the metro Denver community. 

2014 John Parr and Sandy Widener Civic Leadership Award:
Jamie Laurie, Flobots

Photo:  (l-r)  Brittany Pyle, Jamie Laurie, Ricardo Martinez, and Pam Martinez

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