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While health care has long been a funding area of The Denver Foundation, our recent Listening Campaign revealed that individuals from organizations throughout the nonprofit sector see health care as a critical need. The Foundation's Community Grants Program has aligned its priorities for health-related grant applicants with these findings which include: expanding access to health care or improving the health of lower income people and those who are uninsured or underinsured; and promoting mental and physical health through education, prevention, and early intervention. 

For a recent list of grants to address health issues, click here.

The Denver Foundation supports Advancing Colorado's Mental Health Care through a partnership with many local funders.

Through generous contributions to our Community Endowment donors over the course of the Foundation's history have provided the necessary resources for health related grants from the Foundation's Community Grants Program. And donors have given millions of dollars, in the form of grants, through their own donor-advised funds to help advance the quality and availability of health care with grants to hospitals, health care organizations, community clinics, and more.

For more information about Community Grants Program, Advancing Colorado's Mental Health Care, or to learn more about donor-advised funds call 303-300-1790.

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