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Click here for a list of organizations involved in education and civic causes funded by The Denver Foundation.

In a recent Listening Campaign conducted by The Denver Foundation, respondents cited the state of public education in the Denver Metro area as one of their greatest concerns. The Foundation helps to address educational issues in several different ways.

As one of the funding priorities for The Denver Foundation's Community Grants Program we provide grants through designated funds from our endowment. Applications are given special priority that address specific education related issues including addressing gaps in academic achievement, expanding educational opportunities for disadvantaged students, and expanding the availability of high quality early childhood education.

Strengthening Neighborhoods, a Program of The Denver Foundation, also helps to address the issues of education by making small grants which support residents in strengthening their own neighborhoods, communities, and schools.

Denver Foundation donors fund education initiatives in numerous ways through their donor-advised funds, such as giving back to their alma maters across the country or adopting local schools. Some donors have designated legacy gifts so that the Foundation can steward the funds in perpetuity to support the most pressing education-related causes. Whatever your interest in the area of education, The Denver Foundation can help you make a difference.

For more information about Community Grants, donor-advised funds, legacy gifts, or other ways to help make a difference in education, call 303-300-1790.

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