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Environmental issues such as climate change and population growth are of increasing concern to people throughout the U.S. Giving USA recently reported an increase of 9% between 2007 and 2008 gifts to environmental causes.

Through its Community Grants Program, The Denver Foundation addresses environment causes by giving grants to numerous environmental education organizations. These groups, such as the Thorne Ecological Institute and Environmental Learning for Kids (ELK), are helping to train the next generation of caring citizens and budding scientists.

Many of the Foundation's donors support environmental causes through grants from their donor-advised funds to groups at working at the national and international level, such as the World Wildlife Fund, the Trust for Public Land, and the Sierra Club. Others share a more local focus and support organizations like the Colorado Conservation Trust and Front Range Earth Force. Some donors have designated legacy gifts so that the Foundation can steward the funds in perpetuity to support the most pressing environmental causes. Whatever your interest, The Denver Foundation can help you make a difference.

For more information about Community Grants, donor-advised funds, legacy gifts, or other ways to help make a difference in education, call 303-300-1790.

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