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About the Community Legacy Society
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Gary Bird
Flora Marsico and John Marsico, Ph.D.
Robert Krane
Grace Stiles
Laura and Richard Ouellette
Maurice Nettleton
Margaret and Robert J. Piccinelli
Lucy Hanson
Debra Ardelt
Frank Bennett
Lisa Negri
Noey and Tom Congdon
Darlene Silver
Sheila S. Bisenius
Kate Boland
Lorene Anderson
Lester D. Pedicord
Mallory Nelson
Painter Ohrbeck Family Foundation
Jaynn Emery
Mrs. Jane Quinette
Judge Kerry S. Hada
Gina Guy
In Memory of Patti Jeanne Harrington
Barbara Neal
Virginia and Robert Bayless
Kerry Ann Dwyer
In Memory of John Wright
Patricia and Wills Long
Barbara and Kent Erickson
Katherine and Rico Munn
Clara Winter, M.D.
Jack Koo
Karen Hagans
John and Jeannie Fuller
In Memory of Walter Imhoff
Donald Oberndorf
Amie Knox and Jim Kelley
Fred and Nancy Stanley
George Schmitt
William Jackson, Jr.
Richela Das
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Harreld
Joseph E. Heiland
Kathleen and John Hasche
Janice and Steven Miller
Michelle and Tom Whitten
Jacob and Keo Simonian Fund
Margaret and Mark Berzins
Joyce Neville
Pamela and Darrel Lathrop
Alma Lantz
Christine DeRose
Robert Connelly, Jr.
Susan Murphy and Donald Murphy, M.D.
Michael and Kay Johnson
The DellaSalle Family
James W. S. Allen
In Memory of Joseph Halpern
Tiffany Cooley
Deborah Hayes and James L. Martin
In Memory of William McClearn
Ze and Dick Deane
Nancy Benson
Joan Maclachlan
Ellen Boettcher
Joanna and Dennis Trescott
Donna and Bob McCraith
Mary and George Sissel
Mary Jane Shewfelt
Jason Solimando
Linda Roberts Zinn
J. Fern Black
Terri and Peter Konrad
Deborah and James Golanty
Mary Allman-Koernig and Ray Koernig
Marian and Lou Gelfand
Thomas P. O'Rourke
Evelyn McClearn
Patricia B. McClearn
Janice and Jim Campbell
Vicki Boesel and Richard Molnar
Leon Mason
Barbara Schmitt
Janice and Dale Kimes
Barton B. Baker, III
Barbara and Norwood Robb
Don Buckman
Sarah and Christopher Bock
Margie Valdez and E. James Gehres
In Memory of Philip Golberg
Frank A. Traylor, M.D.
Beverly Burke
Beverly and Harold Haddon
Emma and Charles Warren
Kenzo Kawanabe
Tamra and William Ryan
In Memory of Charles Grieves, Jr.
Sandy Elliott
Robert Walker
Linda Campbell
Kathy and Robert Lees
In Memory of Walter Emery
Jodi and Jason Maples
Sheila A. Pierson and Russell H. Pierson
Sheron Owen
Katherine Tedrich
In Memory of Carol Gossard
Karla and Kevin Raines
Joyce Nakamura
Diana Lee and LeRoy Stahlgren, M.D.
Eleanor Scott Annable
Mary Moser and William Richey
Ronnie A. Mitzner
In Memory of Jeannette Keeler
Dorothy and Leonard Custer
Margaret Rizer
Betty and Warren Kuehner
William LaBahn
Adele and Gerald Phelan
Hannah and Allen Levy
Andy Fine, M.D.
Yvette and Wesley Powell
Lisa and Thomas Heule
Jean and Charles L. Townsend
Trish Barrett
Peggy Lehman
Elizabeth Phillips
Sondra L. Kaye
Karen and Fred Pasternack
Chelsea Brundige
Carol Haas
Catherine D. Anderson, Ph.D. and Truman E. Anderson
Jan Mayer
Martine and Jack Hanlon
Dean Prina, M.D.