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The Denver Foundation partners with businesses through flexible and innovative charitable tools like donor-advised funds and by providing expertise on corporate philanthropy. Tax-wise tools, back-office services and philanthropic expertise make The Denver Foundation a local leader in powering corporate citizenship. We are an ideal partner for companies of all sizes that are interested in leveraging their philanthropic and community-relations goals and growing their community impact.

A TDF business donor-advised fund is

·         Tax-Wise. Maximize your charitable tax deductions in the years you need them most.

·         Streamlined. You get to do the fun part: choose the charities. We do the heavy lifting.

·         A Good Investment. Annualized investment returns exceed 8% over the last ten years.

·         Expert Advice. We can help with everything from identifying great community partners to growing a culture of giving in your workplace.

Business Donor-Advised Fund
The Denver Foundation’s Business Donor-Advised Fund is a charitable investment fund. Your company receives tax benefits any time you add to the fund and The Denver Foundations invests your assets so they grow over time. When you are ready to make charitable contributions, The Denver Foundation ensures your gifts meet IRS regulations and makes your distributions. A great alternative to a private foundation, a Denver Foundation Business Donor-Advised Fund means you don’t have to worry about tax filings, investments and other costly administration that go along with a separate foundation. It’s a turn-key approach that can help you streamline your corporate social responsibility and then take it to the next level. Services offered to fundholders include:

·         Personalized philanthropic consultation services

·         Nonprofit research and due diligence regarding grantees

·         Templates for proposals and grantee correspondence if desired

·         Online grantmaking tools and services

·         Anonymous giving option

·         Assistance liquidating complex and appreciated assets

·         Impressive investments

·         An advisor-managed investment option for larger, endowed funds

·         Administration on a day-to-day basis through quarterly statements, tax receipts, and recordkeeping

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Business Scholarship Fund
The Denver Foundation administers customized scholarship funds. Our expert staff can provide you with best practices in scholarships and at the same time create a personalized program that meets your company’s goals. As there are a number of IRS regulations associated with scholarships, The Denver Foundation will ensure your scholarships are in compliance with regulations, administer your program and help you make an impact. Additional fees for scholarship funds apply.

Matching Gifts Program
Show your employees that you care about their interests by creating an employee matching gift program. By outsourcing this excellent employee benefit you can save on administration while growing your corporate citizenship. Fees are dependent on number of employees.

Executive Giving Funds
A personal fund for executives allows your company’s leadership to easily invest bonuses, appreciated stock and real estate in a tax-wise and charitable way. Executive giving funds are an excellent benefit for employees and an easy way to encourage community giving.

Philanthropic Consulting Services
Included for no extra charge with the products offered above, The Denver Foundation expert staff provides customized services based on your company’s charitable goals.

Employee Hardship Funds
Employee Hardship Funds at The Denver Foundation are a turnkey approach for companies interested in assisting employees in times of fi nancial hardship due to extreme circumstances beyond the employee’s control. The fund provides assistance to the employee for housing, utilities and other basic living expenses.

For more information on Employee Hardship Funds, please click here.

Employee Giving Circles
Allow your employees to collectively make decisions on their philanthropy through an employee giving circle. Employees make tax-deductible gifts, the company can decide to match them, and a committee of employees chooses the charities that benefit.

Contact Kelly Purdy to discuss Employee Hardship Funds.

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