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In October 2011, the Foundation released the results of a months-long Listening Campaign that asked nearly 800 residents of Metro Denver what they envision for the community's future. Scroll down on this page for a full copy of the report.

When we asked what most contributes to a high quality of life for Metro Denver residents, Listening Campaign respondents let us know that they want to make sure their neighbors have access to:

  • gainful employment and economic opportunity
  • assistance in meeting basic needs such as food, shelter, and health care; and
  • high-quality education for their children

During 2011, the Foundation's Trustees and staff used the results of the Listening Campaign to craft a new strategic plan. The 2012-2021 Strategic Plan [PDF] refocuses funding from the Foundation's Community Endowment primarily in the three areas identified in the Listening Campaign, with particular focus on the needs of the Metro area's most vulnerable residents.

For 2012, the Foundation's Community Grants Program will continue with its same processes, grant deadlines, and priorities, as will the Technical Assistance Program, the Nonprofit Internship Program, the Strengthening Neighborhoods Program, and the Inclusiveness Project. Over the course of this year, the Foundation will be working to define within each of the three new focus areas – education, economic opportunity, and basic needs – where we will put our varied resources to work.

In 2011, The Denver Foundation undertook its most recent Listening Campaign. You can read the results by clicking on the PDF below. While we were pleased to have nearly 800 people involved in interviews, surveys, and focus groups through the Campaign, we recognize that listening is something we must do every day.

Do you have feedback for us? Do you have ideas about the kind of community we can build together? The Denver Foundation would like to know. Either contact us by email at listening@denverfoundation.org, tweet us @tdfcommunity, or visit our Facebook page. You can also fill out the form and it will be sent directly to our staff.