Feeding the Multitude

close to home

Community members asked the Denver Foundation to shine a bright light on the broad reach of homelessness across the metro area and mobilize people to take action and support solutions. 

Our polling of Metro Denver residents shows most believe we can improve or even solve homelessness, yet few voice this. They believe homelessness affects "others" (people different from me, my family, my friends) and exits mainly in Denver. People are less aware and often surprised to learn of families, children, women and seniors experiencing homelessness, as well as the occurrence of homelessness in our schools, workplaces and neighborhoods of all types. 

Close to Home is increasing awareness that much of homelessness is unseen and unknown. About 85% of families and individuals without a stable, safe place to live transition among short-stay motels, double-up with friends or family members, sleep in cars, or stay in transitional housing or shelters. Homelessness happens when personal challenges and inadequate systems collide.

The campaign is made up of individuals with personal experience of homelessness, together with allies in housing, education, domestic violence, business, faith and homelessness-focused organizations and agencies.

This grassroots network is communicating, educating and advocating to gain public support for meaningful solutions to homelessness. We encourage you to:

  1. Learn More about causes and solutions to homelessness.
  2. Speak Up to say you believe we can become a community where everyone has a safe place to call home.
  3. Take Action to make a meaningful difference and help address underlying causes of homelessness.

Learn more about the Close to Home Storytellers Network and contact us to invite a Storyteller to share their experience with your community group, organization, classroom, or conference.

Visit CloseToHomeCo.org to learn more. #CloseToHome