Feeding the Multitude

Eligibility Criteria

About the DESCI Community Housing Program

The DESCI Community Housing Program of The Denver Foundation provides monthly portable rent subsidies to qualified low-income Denver Public Schools’ employees, retirees, and members of their immediate families ages 60 and above.

Rent Assistance

The DESCI Community Housing Program provides up to $300 monthly to qualified applicants. If approved, the rent subsidy will be paid directly to the applicant’s landlord and may be used for any property in the Denver metropolitan area, provided it meets The Denver Foundation’s criteria. The landlord must agree in writing to accept the rent subsidy payment directly.


Rent subsidies are generally awarded for a twenty-four month period. Subsidy recipients must provide evidence of their continued eligibility on a biennial basis.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must be low-income Denver Public Schools’ employees, retirees, or members of their immediate families ages 60 and older. Immediate family is defined as a DPS employee’s /retiree’s spouse/partner, grandparents, parents, siblings, grandchildren, mothers- and fathers-in-law. The applicant must demonstrate financial need for the subsidy. Financial need for the DESCI program is defined by the HUD "Very Low Income" limit, or having an income less than 50% of the most recent HUD Median Family Income for the Denver metropolitan area. For 2020, those limits are as follows: 1 person $35,000; 2 persons $40,000. Applicants must provide documentation to verify income, eligibility, DPS relationship, and need.


  1. Applicants and their spouses/companions will be limited to rent assistance for one apartment only.
  2. Rental housing must be in the Denver metropolitan area.
  3. DPS service should be significant (e.g., five years of service or more)
  4. Only one subsidy at a time is allowed for each DPS employee/retiree. Additional requests from a retiree/employee/immediate family member may be considered as funding permits.
  5. Housing may not be owned by applicant’s family members.

Note: For a list of Denver area senior living communities, go to www.senioranswers.org.