Feeding the Multitude

Resident Engagement

Strengthening Neighborhoods Program

The Denver Foundation recognizes that change often takes place at the grassroots level - in the neighborhoods and communities we serve.

To take action at the grassroots level, the Strengthening Neighborhoods Program (SNP) works with residents of partner neighborhoods to help them make their communities better places to live.

This program provides grants of up to $5,000 to support neighborhood projects that are as diverse as the ideas and imagination of the residents who create them. The only requirement is that projects be done by residents for the benefit of their community.SNP's grants focus on improving life in eight Denver neighborhoods, Commerce City and Original Aurora. Visit strengtheningneighborhoods.org to learn more.

Social Venture Partners Denver

Social Venture Partners Denver (SVP) is comprised of businesses and individuals working together as philanthropists to improve our community.

We know that our biggest assets are intangible – the skills we have developed throughout our careers, the drive to continue learning, and the desire to give back in a powerful way.

By pooling our resources and investing them in high-leverage projects with organizations that are changing lives, we can tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our community.

Where others see insurmountable problems, SVP sees potential.