Grant Guidelines

Strengthening Neighborhoods awards grants up to $5,000 directly to residents for use in resident-led projects that address one or more of our goals. Click here for our Resident Grant Guidelines.

All proposed projects must be planned and led by three or more unrelated residents of the neighborhood.

Projects must make use of the strengths and assets that already exist in the community, such as residents' skills or neighborhood institutions (like businesses, schools, churches, or parks).

How to Apply for a Grant

To apply for a grant, please read the information on this page, then download the application [PDF]. Please fill it out and mail it to 55 Madison Street, 8th Floor, Denver, CO 80206 Attention David Portillo.

Timing: Please turn in your application at least eight weeks before your project or campaign starts. Strengthening Neighborhoods grant applications are approved or declined within six weeks of receipt.

How to Prepare a Budget

Please enter your project budget at the end of the application. Please try to use the actual expected cost of the items. This may require some research. We encourage you to use resources in your neighborhood when possible, and try to get items donated (such as food or space for the event). Try to think creatively about how you can use neighborhood assets to accomplish your project.

Is Anyone Getting Paid?

If you are planning to pay anyone with money from this grant, please indicate this on your application.

  • Are you paying a professional?
    Are you are hiring a professional, such as an artist, musician, landscape designer, licensed caterer, trained teacher, etc., whose skills are necessary for you to complete your project successfully?
  • Are the services of this professional not available in your neighborhood through volunteer help?

If you answer yes to both questions above, then please include this in your budget.

Are you paying a resident who is not a professional?

  • You have a leadership group of residents (three or more people) who will decide who gets hired/paid.
  • Your leadership group will advertise the job to two or more residents who are not part of the group.
  • Those interested in the job will tell you in writing why they are qualified and how much they will charge.
  • The leadership group will review the applications and choose the one who will best meet the project's needs.
  • The leadership group will get an invoice or bill from the person getting paid, will review that invoice, and will make sure the work has been done properly before paying the person.

If you answer yes to all of the above questions you can include this in your budget.

Are You Planning to Buy Equipment that Will Last Awhile?

If you are planning to buy anything with your grant dollars that will still be useful after the project is over, such as tools, electronic devices, furniture, sports or outdoor equipment, please indicate this on your application.

  • This equipment is necessary for us to do our project.
  • This equipment cannot be found through a loan or donation.
  • At the end of your project, this equipment will be available for use by anyone in your neighborhood who needs it. You will store the equipment and make sure that people who might want to use it can have access to it.

If you cannot agree with ALL three of the statements above, please do not include this in your budget.

If you have questions or need help completing the application, please call David Portillo at 303-300-1790 ext. 123, or send an email