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The Black Resilience in Colorado Fund

The Denver Foundation is proud to announce the Black Resilience in Colorado (BRIC) Fund, which will direct resources to address systemic racism and its impact on Black communities across the seven-county Metro Denver region.

Since the announcement of BRIC, 113 donors, have generously contributed a total of over $1,000,000 to this fund, including a $50,000 donation matching program from The Denver Foundation. Make a gift to the Black Resilience in Colorado Fund.

The Impact of Your Gift to BRIC

Thanks to the generosity of our community we exceeded our goal of $50,000 for our gift matching program during Black Philanthropy Month. Your gift to the Black Resilience in Colorado (BRIC) Fund will help us reach our ultimate goal of $1.5 Million.

Learn more about the BRIC Fund at denverfoundation.org/blackresilience.

COVID-19 Arts & Culture Relief Fund

As Denver arts organizations are hit with an unprecedented loss in revenue due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Bonfils-Stanton Foundation and The Denver Foundation have teamed up to create the COVID-19 Arts & Culture Relief Fund, an emergency fund aimed at helping mid-sized arts organizations survive this crisis. In August, the COVID-19 Arts & Culture Relief Fund made its first round of grants, distributing $1.7 million in grants to 46 nonprofits in Metro Denver.

Mobilizing Philanthropy: Donor-Advised Giving

The Denver Foundation’s community of donors, fundholders, partners, and friends always come through in challenging times. We are inspired by your generosity, and for joining with us to help people across our state navigate an unprecedented challenge.

Since the COVID-19 crisis took hold in mid-March, donor-advised giving has increased significantly, with substantial support for Colorado nonprofits and the Critical Needs Fund.

As of August 31, fundholders have directed 1,574 grants, totaling over $41 million. Fundholders and donors have made 231 gifts to the Critical Needs Fund, totaling more than $2.2 million.

Supporting Our Community

Through our Critical Needs Fund, The Denver Foundation has granted nearly $1.2 million to 52 nonprofit organizations across Colorado. These organizations work with people who are vulnerable to the health and economic impacts of COVID-19, including housing insecurity and lack of access to food and health care services.

COVID-19 relief grants have focused on nonprofit organizations engaged in collaborative COVID-19 work, with an emphasis on organizations that may not have access to federal relief funding. 

In addition, The Denver Foundation has granted $1.1 million in expedited funding to 42 nonprofits through our Community Grantmaking Program. These grants support COVID-19 relief in the areas of Basic Human Needs, Economic Opportunity, Education, and Leadership & Equity.

Supporting Recovery: The Critical Needs Fund

Supported by donors, the Critical Needs Fund allows us to be flexible and responsive in times of great need, such as those we’re experiencing now. As our community begins to transition into a period of recovery, we will continue to tap into our very deep roots in the community to identify high-impact initiatives, collaborations, and organizations that serve priority populations.

We ask for your support of the Critical Needs Fund, which is fast, flexible and accepts gifts of all types and all sizes. Everyone is a philanthropist and every gift makes a difference.

You can make a gift online. If you would like to give via your DAF, please contact the Philanthropic Services Group on 303.300.1790.

Collective Impact

Colorado COVID Relief Fund

The Denver Foundation is proud to support the Colorado COVID Relief Fund, a statewide fund created by Governor Jared Polis. The Denver Foundation has pledged $100,000 from its discretionary funds to this initiative and Denver Foundation fundholders have granted an additional $937,000.

Please join us in supporting this critical initiative.

Spotlight: The Lowe Fund: Supporting Those With Disabilities During COVID-19

The Lowe Fund is a field of interest fund at The Denver Foundation. Established in 1994 by the Lowe family, the fund provides grants to nonprofit organizations in Colorado that support education and research into the causes, cures, and treatment of cerebral palsy, mental disabilities, and other nervous and muscular diseases and disorders. 

In addition to their two annual application cycles, the Lowe Fund made distributions in conjunction with The Denver Foundation's Critical Needs Fund in response to the COVID-19 crisis. This special relief funding totaled more than $208,000 and provided support to 13 organizations. Photo courtesy of ARC of Colorado, a recipient of a COVID-19 relief grant through the Lowe Fund.


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“When you are successful there is a temptation to believe you did it all yourself, when in reality thousands of people touch our lives along the way. I believe we all have the power—and the responsibility—to create these moments for young people, to help them shoot for the moon.”

– Reggie Rivers, Donor

"Although I was deeply involved in the community while I owned my business, I wanted to create a legacy when I sold it in 2004. A donor-advised fund was the best thing to meet my needs—the expertise, the investment success, and the support system—The Denver Foundation does all of the work and I get to experience the joy of philanthropy."

– Barbara Grogan, Donor