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The Denver Foundation believes that collaboration and partnership are an important part of any nonprofit organization’s work. We hope that all of our grantees work together with colleagues within their fields, with neighborhood groups, and with diverse organizations to strengthen their programs and capacity.

Beginning in 2018, if you are applying for our Community Grants Program, you are requested to use the Foundation's online grant application portal.

The issues that The Denver Foundation hopes to address are complex, and we recognize that it will take a variety of partners working together to make lasting change. We believe that, by working together in ways that make sense for their community, organizations have the potential to bring assets and resources together in unique ways to advance economic opportunity, support educational equity, help people meet their basic human needs, and develop leadership within communities. Therefore, we want to support organizations that work together formally to meet shared goals, and we will provide grants to such collaboratives. The information below describes The Denver Foundation’s approach to collaborative applications.

We define a collaborative as a formal partnership of three or more unrelated organizations, resident groups, and/or public entities (such as schools) working together to achieve greater impact than they could alone.

Collaborative applications must include two additional documents: a shared program budget and a cover letter signed by the Executive Director of each organization. We also suggest that collaboratives include a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with their application if they have one. Please be sure to visit the Special Conditions section of our website to find the collaborative proposal checklist. Please review our grant guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more information.

Before your collaborative applies, we strongly suggest you discuss your proposal with a member of The Denver Foundation’s staff. Please call 303.300.1790 to speak with Bill Inama or Alma Martinez and they will connect you with the right person.

Nonprofit organizations are eligible to apply as a part of a collaborative AND for funding for their organization or program in the same cycle.