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Submitting Grant Reports

If you have received a grant through the Community Grants Program, you are required to submit a Final Report on the work you did with the grant funds This report is due at the end of your grant period and is required before your organization can be considered for subsequent grants from the Community Grants Program.

The grant contract that you received contains important information on the reporting requirements, including due dates. This can be found in your grant contract in Section III, Grant Reports, and Section IV, Grant Specifications. Please review your contract carefully before submitting a report.

Organizations submitting an application before their final report is due must submit an interim report with their application.

You can submit the interim report with your application using the "Final Report" attachment upload. We ask that you use the the Colorado Common Grant Report (Colorado CGR).

For your interim report, please complete the cover page and narrative sections of the Colorado CGR. You do not need to complete the attachments for your interim report.

If you received a grant rationale in your grant award packet, please read it carefully. If it included items marked with an asterisk (*), please include specific responses to these items. Create a separate section in your final report for these answers. Your new application will be declined if you fail to respond to all items marked with an asterisk (*).

If you have any questions, please contact your program officer or call 303.300.1790 and ask to speak to a grants manager.