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The Denver Foundation has long focused on the needs of the most vulnerable in our community: those without shelter, food, medical care, and proper education.

In 2013, with a spring snowstorm moving in, we came within 48 hours of having no place in our city for about 60 homeless women to go at night. These are women who are alone. They have no family or partners or children with them. Many are elderly or disabled. They are among the most vulnerable of all who experience homelessness. The Denver Foundation decided to make unaccompanied homeless women a priority.

Since then, we have worked with service providers, churches, and Denver’s Road Home to help find one place of shelter after another for the women. We continue to work on a long-term emergency shelter solution as we provide cots, blankets, warm clothes and other supplies to meet short-term needs.

Recognizing that it is not enough to provide a place of shelter one night at a time, The Denver Foundation is funding efforts to build permanent supportive housing for homeless women. The Delores Project, St. Francis Center, and the State of Colorado are in the diligence and planning phases of two such projects. And, most recently, we provided funding for “A Miracle on Logan Street,” Mile High Behavioral Healthcare’s housing initiative for young, single, homeless women who are working toward recovery and self-sufficiency.

While this is significant progress, there’s still a long way to go in providing shelter and brighter futures for unaccompanied homeless women. Please check back for updates on new developments on our work in this area. If you’d like to support the work financially, contributions can be made here. Thank you for your interest and support.

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