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Neighborhood Development

Strengthening Neighborhoods (SN) is The Denver Foundation’s grassroots neighborhood development program.

Since 1998, The Denver Foundation has been making grants and supporting resident activities and leadership through a program called Strengthening Neighborhoods. This program focuses on the power of neighborhood residents to make a difference in their communities. We believe that residents themselves often have the greatest knowledge of how to improve life in their communities, and we also believe that all communities have existing assets – including their people, institutions, and public resources. We believe in helping more residents work together to build on those assets to strengthen their communities.

Through our new Strategic Plan, The Denver Foundation has broadened our focus from the defined geographic area previously served by Strengthening Neighborhoods. Beginning in 2013, Strengthening Neighborhoods is open to working with residents from low-income communities throughout the seven counties of Metro Denver, particularly low-income communities of color. If you live in a low-income community, and you have ideas that fit with the Strengthening Neighborhoods priorities, we invite you to apply, either via our on-line application or through a written application.