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Eulipions, Inc. is a nonprofit organization which fosters, promotes and preserves the artistic expression with an emphasis on Colorado African-American heritage and lifestyles by providing grants to generate, assist, increase and encourage the performing arts in the Colorado African-American communities. The Eulipions Fund is administered by The Denver Foundation for Eulipions, Inc.

For more information on The Eulipions Fund visit their website at

The 2020 deadline is Tuesday, September 15. Read the 2020 Eulipions Fund Guidelines & Application. 

What we fund

Grants given by The Eulipions Fund are very narrowly focused. To be considered for grant from Eulipions an organization must: (1) Generate, assist, increase and/or encourage performing arts in Colorado African American Communities and (2) be a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization.

When to apply

The Eulipions Fund is an endowed fund that makes grants based on its investment earnings. Please click on the link above for information on the current funding cycle.