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The Denver Foundation has a proud history of supporting the arts. From support for arts programming that furthers our key objectives to dedicated funds with specific goals across a variety of areas, we continue to support the arts in our community.

We continue to value and support the arts as an essential part of the human experience. 

We Support Arts Organizations and Projects That: 

  • Connect directly to employment and economic development, as outlined in our program guidelines here.
  • We also support arts projects that support school readiness, student engagement, and academic achievement in the framework of our education work.

The Denver Foundation is proud to host an Arts Affinity Group, in which arts enthusiasts come together for collective learn and giving. To learn more about becoming a member or receiving support, please see the AAG page.

We also host several field of interest funds that support specific areas including the Bowen Family Performing Arts Fund, The Eulipions Fund, and the Greenwood Fund.