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“Her presence and work made an impact in the outreach and training that our organization provides to our community. She came with an eagerness to learn and practice her leadership and was able to do it by opening herself to new experiences, tasks, and models of doing work. She was able to support the planning, outreach work, creating of materials and then co-facilitate a successful training.” 
- Past Nonprofit Intern Supervisor

"I had never thought about myself as a leader, and had never considered my potential as a leader. I had always thought that there was only one type of leader, and that was an enigmatic, outgoing person. I knew that I was not that type of person. I learned about my potential as a leader through skills and qualities of an introvert person. Through this new found self-identity as a leader, I’ll be able to contribute to my future communities. This realization helped me to contribute to the projects that I was working on in my internship.” 
- Past Nonprofit Intern

Stay tuned for 2020 internship opportunities with The Denver Foundation.