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Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) Pool

The Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) Pool extends The Denver Foundation’s mission by giving fundholders the option to invest a portion of their funds in a manner consistent with their values. This pool is separate from the Foundation’s unitized portfolio and invests in a mix of socially-responsible funds. After extensive vetting and research, we recently rolled out advancements in strategy to the SRI pool that include three new managers and a more sophisticated and in-depth approach to environmental, social and governance investing. Please find more information here

Why are we offering this option?

The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment estimates that 12% of the professionally-managed assets in the United States are now invested in socially-responsible funds. The Denver Foundation’s Board of Trustees and Investment Committee believe it is important to offer this option to our donors.

How does it work?

Donors can choose to invest all or a portion of the balance of their funds in the SRI pool ($10,000 minimum). The Philanthropic Services Group can help with the details.

Investment objectives

The investments in the SRI Pool are designed to preserve and enhance the value of this pool of assets by providing long-term growth greater than inflation, and in keeping with the overall rates of returns from the financial benchmarks. The mix of asset managers is selected to maintain a prudent investment risk profile.

Important considerations

Due to the nature of the markets, it is possible that in any particular time period the SRI Pool will out-perform the Unitized Pool, or vice versa.