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Other Scholarships Administered by The Denver Foundation

Please note: Students cannot apply for the scholarships listed below. These programs select recipients through a nomination process or are not currently accepting new applicants.

Leonard and Elizabeth Baylison Musical Scholarship

Scholarships for graduating seniors from Denver School of the Arts who intend to major in music in college.

Colorado Press Association Scholarship

This scholarship provides funding to those who choose to attend programs that will improve their depth of knowledge of the subject areas of journalism to enhance their skills and effectiveness. Programs intended to increase a journalist’s knowledge of a subject area must include significant journalism content that can be applied directly to their current work.

Click here for more details and to apply for this opportunity.

Columbine Hall of Fame Scholarship

Scholarships awarded annually to the most outstanding male and female graduating senior from Columbine High School.

Desert Storm Memorial Scholarship

Scholarships for the children of Colorado armed forces personnel who were killed or permanently disabled during Operation Desert Storm. Eligible students were confirmed through a qualification process completed in 1991: Daniel Dillon, Jessica Dillon, David J. Hook, Aimie L. Hook, and Kasey P. Scott.

If you received an award through this program and would like to claim your scholarship, contact Charmaine Brown at 303.300.1790.

King Soopers "Hope" Scholarship

Students at Fairview and Rosedale Elementary Schools were selected to receive awards of $450 or $500 each semester for academic achievement. The funds are held in trust by The Denver Foundation until the student graduates from high school and enrolls in a college, technical school, or other program. The last scholarships were awarded in the Spring of 2001.

If you received an award through this program and would like to claim your scholarship, contact Charmaine Brown at 303.300.1790.

The Francis H. Mahon Scholarship

Undergraduate scholarships offered through selected schools for students with financial need who attended Arrupe Jesuit High School, Bishop Machebeuf Catholic High School, Holy Family High School, Mullen High School, Regis Jesuit High School, or St. Mary’s Academy.

Melnick Family Scholarship

Scholarships for students with financial need and high academic achievement from Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, Idaho, or Montana who are attending Wyoming Catholic College.

Never Forgotten Scholarship

Scholarships are awarded annually in memory of the 13 victims at Columbine High School in 1999. Selected schools are encouraged to nominate one student and one teacher who are active volunteers and considered to be leaders in their school and larger communities. For a list of participating schools click on the link below. Guidelines for 2014 nominations will be sent to participating schools in late January 2014.

Never Forgotten Scholarship Participating School List [PDF]

The PEAK Foundation Scholarship Fund

The Fund shall be used to provide college scholarships for graduating high school seniors who participated in the PEAK Achievers program or graduates of a KIPP Colorado High School.


Reed Penington Scholarship
Undergraduate scholarships offered through selected schools for students with financial need and a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 who plan to study full-time and work at least part-time while pursuing their degree.

Alma M. Poe Scholarship

Undergraduate scholarships offered through selected schools for Denver-area students with financial need.

Tori B. Schmitt Scholarship

Scholarships for young women transitioning from the Excelsior Youth Center who have received a high school diploma and will be attending a college or technical program.

Note: The best source of scholarship information is often the Financial Aid Department of the school the student will be attending. Most schools have a number of scholarships for which only their students are eligible. Librarians and high school guidance counselors can also provide resources. Also, visit and for more scholarship information.

Zink Family Scholarship Fund

Scholarships offered for Master’s Degree students attending The University of Colorado Denver, School of Education and Human Development and/or The University of Northern Colorado, specializing in Special Education.

Other Types of Scholarships

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