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Founded in 1890, University of Northern Colorado is located in Greeley, CO, one hour north of Denver. The university is a comprehensive baccalaureate and public doctoral research university, serving close to 13,000 students.

University of Northern Colorado (UNC) joined the Reisher Scholars Program in 2001, the Program’s inaugural year. To date, UNC has the largest number of Reisher Scholar Alumni and has provided over 340 students with unmet need scholarships.


As one of the two inaugural Reisher partner schools, Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSUD) nominated its first cohort of Reisher Scholars in fall of 2001. This first cohort was comprised of 18 students and the program has since grown to 278 participants over the past 15 years.

As an urban public institution, MSUD serves a diverse student body of over 21,000 students. Almost three quarters of MSUD’s Reisher Scholars are of non-traditional age and over one quarter of the scholars are parents to dependent children.

University of Colorado Denver (UCD) currently serves 46 Reisher Scholars and has supported over 250 Scholars since its first cohort in 2003. With the highest four year graduation rates in the program (at over 75%), UCD offers its scholars a variety of ways to engage with the Program.

University of Colorado Denver serves over 13,000 through its urban campus where they can begin careers in health, music, energy and architecture among others.

University of Colorado Colorado Springs joined the Reisher Scholars Program as a partner school in fall of 2009. UCCS has nominated cohorts of roughly 20 students every year since and has developed a strong community of support within its Reisher Scholars. To date, 140 students have participated in the Program.

University of Colorado – Colorado Springs was founded in 1965 and currently serves over 11,000 students utilizing small class sizes and opportunities to interact closely with professors.


Colorado State University (CSU) has served 77 Reisher Scholars since the Program’s inception in 2012. Over 75% of CSU Reisher Scholars are first generation college students. Scholars receive extensive support through the Center for Advising and Student Achievement where CSU’s Reisher Scholars Program resides.

Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, CSU is a research university and offers 150 degrees in eight colleges. The student population is over 23,000 and the university, one of Colorado’s oldest, was founded in 1870.



Joining the Reisher Scholars Program in 2014, Colorado Mesa University

 (CMU) is the most recent program addition and the first partner school located west of the Front Range. CMU saw its first cohort graduate in spring of 2016. CMU is located in Grand Junction and serves as a cultural center for western Colorado. Founded in 1925, the university’s enrollment exceeds 9,000 students.

 Colorado State University - Pueblo

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The amazing financial support that this scholarship provide[s] will allow me to completely focus on the two most important things in my life, my studies, and my son. In additional to the obvious monetary benefits, just the act of being recognized for such an opportunity has filled me with a certain pride and determination which will no doubt fuel my desires to truly excel."

— D.W. UNC

"My parents immigrated to the United States from Russia when I was just four years old. They knew that my options for educational and career success would be severely limited in Russia. The Reisher Scholarship will make it possible for me to complete my degree because otherwise, I wouldn't finish my major on time."

"Words do not even begin to come close to describing how appreciative I am for this opportunity. Without the Reisher Scholarship, the chances of me attending UCD would have been virtually nonexistent."