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Scholarships FAQ

How do scholarships work at The Denver Foundation?

The Denver Foundation administers and stewards over 60 different scholarship funds that were established by individuals, families, and businesses. That means that there is no one Denver Foundation scholarship program. Instead, we have dozens of exclusive scholarship opportunities for students of all ages. Our scholarship funds are as unique as our donors are. Each scholarship fund's focus is often narrow; we have one fund that supports graduate students studying early childhood education and another that supports African American high school seniors attending East High School in Denver.

Wow, I'm a little overwhelmed by the number of different scholarships available and am not sure if there is one that is a fit for me. Can you help me out?

Absolutely! Give us a call and tell us about your post-secondary plans, and we'll be able to tell you if one of our scholarship funds is a good fit.

Wait, are scholarships administered by The Denver Foundation separate from The Denver Scholarship Foundation?

Yes! The Denver Scholarship Foundation is a separate organization from The Denver Foundation.

Learn more about The Denver Scholarship Foundation.

When can I apply to scholarships administered by The Denver Foundation?

The majority of our scholarship applications are posted in January and February each year, and awards are made for the following academic year. Most of the scholarship deadlines fall between February and April. The earlier you start your application, the better!

Can I apply online?

We've partnered with AcademicWorks to bring several of our scholarship applications online. View the online applications. This online portal allows applicants to save and edit their work, as well as apply for multiple opportunities without having to re-enter their basic personal information. We think it is pretty great, and hope to bring more of our applications online in the future.

Why can I not apply to some of the scholarships The Denver Foundation administers?

Some of the scholarship funds are administered through a nomination process instead of an application process. This means that your counselor at your high school or your financial aid officer at your college must nominate you for the award. If you're curious if your school participates in a nomination process for any of our scholarship funds, just give us a call.

I submitted an application for a scholarship administered by The Denver Foundation. When will I know if I received the award?

All notification and declination letters will be mailed and/or emailed to all applicants 6-8 weeks after the deadline of the application.

I still have questions, who should I talk to?

Contact Charmaine Brown at 303.996.7328 or email.

Where else can I go to get information about scholarships?

The best source of scholarship information is often the Financial Aid or Scholarship Office of the school you plan to attend. Most schools have a number of scholarships for which only their students are eligible. Librarians and high school guidance counselors can also provide resources. Also, visit and for more scholarship information.

I have been selected as a recipient of a TDF scholarship, and need to submit a headshot. What counts as an appropriate photo submission?

Details of acceptable headshots can be found here: in English and in Spanish.

If you have questions, contact Charmaine Brown at 303.996.7328 or
send an email