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The Fund for Denver

The Fund for Denver is made up of a variety of charitable assets that have been entrusted to The Denver Foundation for investment management and strategic grantmaking.

The core asset of The Fund for Denver is our permanent endowment. Since 1925, The Denver Foundation has served as the home for philanthropy for members of the Metro Denver community. Our permanent endowment is made up of unrestricted gifts to The Denver Foundation to meet the needs of today and ensure there are resources for building a better Denver far into the future. The Denver Foundation establishes the areas of focus for our Community Grantmaking Program based upon periodic listening sessions and multi-year strategic plans.

A second component of The Fund for Denver is a host of funds featuring charitable donations from community members with a limited set of guidance on grantmaking focus. The staff of The Denver Foundation manages grantmaking from these funds while thoughtfully balancing the requested guidelines associated with each fund with the evolving needs of Metro Denver.

Other assets included in The Fund for Denver provide flexible options for charitable giving and responsive and innovative community investment. These funds are typically invested on a short-term timeframe to address specifically identified needs.

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We have a special category of recognition for significant donors of The Fund for Denver. Learn more about the Community Leadership Circle.