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Other Fund Types

The Denver Foundation offers many creative ways to structure your fund, in addition to the commonly-used Donor-Advised Fund.

A designated fund provides support to your favorite charitable organizations in perpetuity, or over a set number of years. With an endowed designated fund, you can be confident that your gift will provide a lasting legacy to sustain your favorite nonprofits. Should an organization you’ve designated cease to exist, the Foundation will ensure that the funds are redirected to an organization meeting your charitable intent so that your generosity will continue to benefit the community in the way that you envisioned.

A field of interest fund allows you to make an impact in specific fields over time. You identify a specific or broad interest area (such as education, the arts, or animal welfare) and The Denver Foundation ensures effective grantmaking within that field as the needs change over time. This type of fund allows your grantmaking to evolve as the needs within the field do, and gives you peace of mind knowing that The Denver Foundation will be there to identify the best nonprofits in the issue area you have selected to ensure your legacy lives on.

A named endowed fund within the Community Endowment program is the engine that fuels The Denver Foundation’s annual support to leading local nonprofit organizations and honors the names of generous and visionary individuals over many generations. These funds allow the Community Endowment to meet the changing needs of the community now and for generations to come, and are used with great diligence and attention.

A business donor-advised fund is a charitable investment fund. Your company receives tax benefits any time you add to the fund and The Denver Foundations invests your assets so they grow over time. When you are ready to make charitable contributions, The Denver Foundation ensures your gifts meet IRS regulations and makes your distributions. Click here for more information on our suite of services for businesses.

The Denver Foundation offers nonprofit endowment fund and advised fund options to organizations interested in achieving long-term financial sustainability through sound investments. Nonprofit endowment fund partners benefit from access to the Foundation’s pooled investments to help grow their organization’s endowment or reserve funds for the long-term. To learn more, please contact the Philanthropic Services Group at 303.300.1790.

A scholarship fund offers you the opportunity to make education more accessible to students in our community. Scholarships allow you to meet your charitable objectives while providing the much-needed financial support for students to achieve their educational dreams. Choose a school, population or other focus area to build the selection criteria for your scholarship and enjoy the impact it creates. The Denver Foundation will walk you through the process to ensure the program meets your philanthropic intent.