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Diana Lee and Roy Stahlgren, M.D.

Corporate Executive and Surgeon

Roy, what made you start collecting art?
I've always been a collector -- as a child it was shiny stones and polliwogs. Later I grew to love books and art.

Diana, how did you two launch your incredible collection of Asian Art?
Fortune smiled on us during our honeymoon in Hong Kong, where we had the opportunity to focus on Neolithic and Han Dynasty ceramics.

How else are you involved in the art community in Denver?
We work with the Denver Art Museum to bring in top Asian art collectors and connoisseurs to share their knowledge and passion.

Do you love living with such beauty?
Yes, but we're only temporary custodians of the art. We're preserving it for future generations to enjoy.

Who's your favorite partner in philanthropy?
The Denver Foundation, hands down. They're helping us create a legacy to care for and exhibit our art so future generations can enjoy and learn from it.

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