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Mark Berzins

Owner of the Little Pub Company

Mark Berzins has chosen The Denver Foundation as his partner in philanthropy. The Foundation helps Mark give to support his charitable interests...especially art.

We know you're a beer aficionado - why art?
The Art Students League of Denver gave me my first experience as a Board member and Board chair. Now I'm heading up their 20th Anniversary Celebration.

Do you consider yourself an artist?
My junior high art teacher wasn't encouraging...but a friend and I recently took a life drawing class. Let's just say I surprised myself.

Where's the most recent member of the Little Pub family?
Patrick Carroll's at 40th and Tennyson - named after my wife's great-grandfather, an Irish blacksmith.

Who's your favorite partner in philanthropy?
The Denver Foundation, hands down. While I grow my businesses, they keep track of my philanthropy.

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